PhytoScience Double Stem Cell

Rs 2200 Packet(s)
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PhytoScience Double Stem Cell is one of the greatest invention today. This really gives amazing results in various Treatment of human body.
These stem cell 80% to 90% resembles the humman stem cell and gives amazing results when used for treatment of various diseases.
1. Stem Cell treats Diabetes.
2. Stem Cell treats Various Skin Diseases.
3. Stem Cell treats White Spots on Skin.
4. Stem Cell treats Skin Cancer.
5. Stem Cell treats Hair Problems.
6. Stem Cell doest not has any kind of side effects or negative effects.

Ingredients : Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell, Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cell), Acai Berry Extract and Blueberry Powder.
Today this product is very useful in the treatment of uncurable diseases like diabetes.
This amazing product controls Type 1 diabetes naturally. It does not has any side effect.